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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Perhentian Island Vacation Part 3

Our snorkeling trip was supposed to start at 2pm, so we decided to have our lunch at a restaurant in Coral Bay before that. Everything is expensive here and not that delicious. All fried rice are at least RM8. I think we should have gone for the full board package including all meals. That would have been easier than roaming around looking for food.

When we waited for our ride for the trip we did not expect  the boat to be SO open. lol. I mean there's no shade or protection and its 2pm. Can u imagine? Its like roasting session. The ride to Pulau Rawa was about 20 minutes i think. When we arrived the scene was breathtaking but once we stepped into the water i noticed a difference. The corals were mostly dead and there isn't many fish there anymore. Its so sad to see it taint away like that. We spent about an hour there and then went to the second spot, Tokong Burung and after about another hour there we moved to the third spot Pulau Susu Dara. I think it was a well spent evening. For this trip, we paid RM 50 per person therefore total spent is RM200.

The beach that welcomes u to Pulau Rawa.

More dead corals than live ones? 

Tokong Burung

The population of fish seemed less than before.

We managed to catch a glimpse of the clown fish or also known as Nemo at the last stop.

Another preview for my next post. Oh, hi fish!!!

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Perhentian Vacation Part 2

Next day...
So the next day we woke up at 6, get ready by 7 and check out. We went straight to the agent's office to get our boat ticket. Parking fee for 3 days was RM20. And fortunately there was a restaurant next to the office so we just had our breakfast there. From there the agent took us to the jetty by 5 mins walking.  Very near. At the jetty we had to buy the marine parks fee. and by 8.30 we already we were already in the boat. The journey was about 30 mins boat ride. It was a bumpy ride especially for those who sit in front. When we arrived, we were super lucky because our room was empty therefore we get to check in early around 9.30. Check in time was supposed to be 3pm. Can u believe it lol. 

After check in we didn't waste anytime and decided to go to Long Beach which was on the other side of the island. We had to fricking HIKE there. It was about 15 mins hike. I was out of breath lols. But it was totally worth it. The view was amazing. I have read a lot in reviews and blogs that Long beach has the best view and amazing sand. It was right. Our hotel was in Coral Bay and as the name suggests, it has a lot of dead corals in there. It wasn't ideal for swimming. Sharila has its own private beach that was better that coral bay but still a lot of dead corals. Long beach is the sandy sexy beach. Sadly, it was too hot to do anything. So like the tourists we were, we decided to have a drink and enjoy the scorching hot sun lol. We didnt stay too long and hike back to our hotel where we rest for our 1st snorkeling trip.
Coral Bay Jetty
Our chalet. double queen beds.
Sharila private beach - Romantic Beach

Sharila private beach

Coral bay beach

Long Beach. Love the water.

Preview for my next post. Snorkelling trip to Pulau Rawa.
 To be continued because I'm too lazy to go on snorkeling details tonight... =P

Monday, April 6, 2015

Perhentian Island Vacation Part 1

Hi. I know its been a freaking way long time since I posted. Surprise! I'm alive lol. So a few years ago i went to Perhentin Island for a vacation and it was a vacation that is unforgettable. I enjoyed every moment of swimming and riding boats through the crystal turquoise water. So this year I went there again with my hubs, bro and sis. Perhentian Island consist of two islands. Perhentian Kecil (small) and Perhentian Besar (big). Perhentian Kecil is where they have the main town with school, police stations and gov offices whereas Perhentian Besar are mainly resorts and small villages. in 2012 we went to Cozy Chalet in Perhentian Besar. This year we went to  Coral Bay in Perhentian Kecil. We stayed in Sharila Island Resort. Its the second best resort in the island. I initially wanted to stay in lower budget hotel but mr.hubs decided that he cant live without tv =.=  so i had to book there haha. But it was a great resort. Beautiful. and importantly there's tv with astro...

So the journey from Lumut, Perak took us from 11am to 9.00pm to arrive in Kuala Besut, Terengganu. I have booked a budget hotel through called Izz budget hotel. Basically it was second floor shop lot turned to budget hotel. We paid rm80 for a night for a double queen so it was worth it. We just wanted a place to sleep and clean ourselves. That night we went to eat grilled fish and fried battered squids at this too famous place called Zul Ikan Bakar. It was yummzz. After that we went bck to the hotel and slept like gorillas. lol. Gorillas meaning snoring like gorillas.

In front of seafood place called Zul Ikan Bakar. We actually don't know where to eat and just use Waze to find nearby place to eat. Lucky we found this yummy place.

Grilled Seabass and fried battered squid with rice for dinner at 11 pm. lols
A preview for next post. =P

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Awaken From Deep Writing Slumber

I haven't wrote over a year. Well...I'm married now. Surprise! HAHA. My life's kinda crazy that I haven't got the will to write. No baby bumps yet...but loads of fatty bumps. hahaaa.... Hoping to write again. I'm doing a proposal this semester and a dissertation next semester. Been writing too much academics that I haven't got time for my bloggie. I missed this blog even though I do not know who reads it anyway. Comment below if ur reading this! =D Hope to write later again. Ciao!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Shows On Halt

I am furious! All of my fav TV shows are put on halt. What am I supposed to watch now? Sobsss... The Vampire Diaries and The Secret Circle are on pause and will be on air on January 2012 and The Walking Dead will be aired February 2012. Next year! Guess I have to watch other shows to fill this long gap. I just finished with 3 seasons of H20: Just Add Water and I love it. So what if it's a teens mermaid stuff lol. I love mermaids.Cant get enough of it. I was so sad it ended on season 3 T.T but I heard there will be a spin off of it  in a new H20 4. Hope to see it soon. So..... I've watched Death Valley and it definitely not my type. The zombies, vamps and werewolves aren't terrorizing enough. And not to mention the cops are stupid. I wonder who watch that junk. I tried Terra Nova episode 1 too. I've always liked Jurrasic Park so i thought i'd give it a try. Turned out a bore too. I'd like to try American Horror Story and Once Upon a Time next and True Bloods next. Maybe i'll get hooked. 

The Walking Dead <3 this show.
Fell in love with this teens show lol. Cuteness!
Another fav show. Witches and magic stuff. 

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Worst Holiday Ever

Its school end of year break and I'm supposed to have a great 1 month holiday. Instead im busy with assignments. And im also supposed to get engaged this end of december yet i dont feel anything. Im too busy worrying about my post grad classes than my engagement caremony. Haha maybe thats a good thing.... And did i mention no superb vacation for me? Thats why its the worst holiday ever. Im so childish. Sometimes i wonder myself how the hell im taking masters.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Babies and Weddings Everwhere

School holidays' approaching. It means there'll be lots of weddings throughout the hols.My friends and people my age/ my batch are either getting married or having babies. My facebook is apparently filled with pic shots of cute babies or that baby gaga countdown. It felt so unreal. I think i might be a little bit envious of these moms who have such cute babies. Ahhh! I want to get married but at the same time i dont want to. Curious but scared. Im afraid of the great responsibilities. Im in somekind of life transition where I saw everyone's married and living a new life but im still stuck at the same level. Feel kinda out of place. However, I dun wan my marriage to turn up like Kim Kardashian's 3 months marriage. I want it to be all the way til death parts. Praying for the best for myself and my future.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Seeing things in perspective?
Rest in peace to the 2,976 American people that lost their lives on 9/11 and rest in peace to the 48,644 Afghan and 1,690,903 Iraqi people who paid the ultimate price for a crime they did not commit. Oh, and the hundreds of thousands of Palestinians who experience this everyday. Your 9/11 is their 24/7

Monday, September 5, 2011

Happy Eid

The reason I wasn't writting much wasnt because I was fricking busy, I was fricking lazy. Lol. It is now the 7th of Syawal. 7th day of Eidulfitri Celebration. Eidulfitri  is the celebration after fasting for a month in Ramadhan (9th month in Islamic calendar). It is the time to reunite with family, balik kampung (go back hometown), meet relatives, eat lots of good food, forgive and forget grudges (I dont think ppl forget =P), get angpaos ( since im a working adult I have to give angpaos uwaaa....) go out with high school friends and try to rebond, erm wat else? Ahhhhh... bake brownies and cookies. Yummylicious. Haha. There's a whole lot of list more things you can do during Eid. Eid is fun but it can be very tiring because we deal with a lot of people. Entertaining and serving is very very tiring. Til now I haven't had a good/ satisfying sleep yet. So, Happy Eid, Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri. Holiday's over. Time to get back to real life. Haha

Happy Eid from me and my family. =P
Maaf Zahir Batin
My fav dish during Eid. Nasi Impit and Ayam Masak Putih

Year 5 boys.
OMG I've nvr seen so many cookies as this.
With my year 5 girls.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Happy Ramadhan

Hi. Salam Ramadhan to all muslims. I just want to wish all a happy and wonderful Ramadhan. My first day of fasting in this lovely month is quite challenging. Not in term of hungriness or thirst but more to controlling my emotions. No idea why but today I've been angry and impatient. Hope tomorrow I can be in a good mood. May Allah let me be in have peace since tomorrow starts working again. Hope the children will be good too. Please please be good for ur beloved teacher! =D

Wishing you 1 month of Ramadhan,
4 Weeks f Barkat,
30 days of Forgiveness,
720 hours of Guidance,
43200 minutes of Purification,
2592000 seconds of Nuur!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Potter Puppet Pals

If you are a Harry Potter fan and you haven't seen Potter Puppet Pals, please do! Its so refreshing. Potter Puppet's show is a little bit different than the usual fan remakes. The characters were rebuilt and given more cunning persona. Especially of Harry. Dumbledore is a little bit crazed, Ron seemed a bit dazed, Hermione's flat and Snape gets bullied all the time. I believe that what make this show so interesting. It doesn't stick just to the original story in the book. Characters and settings were adapted into new sketches. Some of it contains musical elements. A little bit of puppet dance and singing. Even the music was composed by the maker. Overall its a great puppets production and I hope they start making more shows since Harry Potter movies have officially ended with the last one.

Potter Puppets Pals Casts and Crews

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Wishlist #2

Applied on face to control oil.
Here are the things that lust told me to have. Lol. I probably wont need half of these. But what the hell. I'm just being a girl. :hearts:

1. Ipad 2 ( I have no reason to desire this ;P)

2. House of Night Series . (So what? I'm a bookworm lol. Btw I've heard great reviews about it. Might be the next Vampire Diaries? )

3. A PC. ( My lappy's falling apart. Used this baby too much...)

4. A new gold bracelet. (My current bracelet is washed out....I sweat too much...eeeek)

5. New watch. ( pls don't buy leather straps ones coz they nvr last me more than a year...)
Kindle 3 . RM999 in Malaysia :gulp:
6. More books! ( To fill in my shelf hehe)

7. Skindinavia No More Shine. (My face is an oil factory. Lol)

8. Kindle ( Amazon Ebook gadget but the ebooks have to be purchased from So it's still expensive)

9. A  M.A.C product. ( I'm scared to go inside M.A.C store because the salesgirls all looked like stuck ups. You know stuck ups and their laser look. Lol!)

10. A premium account to download movies ( Harhar! I'm a movie freak.)

House of Nights Series

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Iphone Tag

So, this is a tag. This tag is about the most used apps in your iphone. Here, I list 10 of my top used app. It is very boring trust me. I am boring!!! Btw this list excludes iPod, calculator, clock and all those built in functions. All these Apps are free except for The Sims.

1. Merriam Webster Dictionary
The most meaningful use of iPhone is that I don't have to invest in a talking dictionary because i can get it for free. No need Besta or smart dictionary whatsoever. Synonyms, antonyms, thesaurus, word origin, pronunciation in British and American all within the grasp of my hand. I'm a teacher. I can't have all these stored in my head. Iphone is a good place to keep it. =D

2. iTranslate
I cant live without this BM-BI, BI-BM translator. Save my life quite a few times. Sometimes i forgot the word translation and its so handy to carry an Iphone around. So far, this is the only reliable free App of English-Malay dictionary. Others are either paid versions or badly reviewed. Btw this app is like Google translater. It has a massive list of other languages. It can be used to translate other languages as well. So, thats a bonus.

3. SMS Fast
This app is a text messaging system with a list of template messages. Its useful if you driving n texting. I pre-type messages that I would be likely to send or reply to when I'm driving and save it in the templates. So when i got a text when I'm driving I dun have to type to inform i'm driving or i'm reaching. I just tap on the app, select a msg and send it. Iphone's touchpad is the most unfriendly to my fingers of all the phone I've ever used. Its ridiculous! I cant single handedly type messages. I'm sorry but my thumb is not that long to reach the furthest side of the phone... Iphone is wide, ok!

4. Safari
A web browser. Its my encyclopedia. Information is at the tip of my fingers. If suddenly I need a nursery rhyme, its there. Lol.

5. Facebook
I'm not FB addict. Its just a good place to let out my feelings. You know, if I'm happy I'll be like 'Yay! Happy happy day!' or if I'm pissed I'll be like ' #@&$@#$(#**&# you!!!'. Yeah, good therapy. I just don't mention names. I don't need comments or being consoled. I just need to express whatever i feel i need to. Then I'll be fine. =D

6. Echofon (Twitter App)
This is my entertainment. Follow celebrities and stalk their life. lol. I don't even have many friends. I read when I'm bored, when I have nothing to do. I can live without it though.

My online library. Not bad for amateur or aspiring writers. Variety of genres and thousands of titles. Good for me since I cant spend much for real books anyway. Fricking expensive. I must say reading has become quite an expensive hobby. In Malaysia anyway...

8. CineApps
Checks local cinema schedule. Why is this even on my list? I'm not a regular at the cinemas. This shows how boring my daily iPhone activity is.

9. VehiCal
Counts my total price of car fuel assumption. (-.-)

10. The Sims 3 World Adventures
Iphone different. Its a waste of money...but since I purchased it...I had to play...I forced myself to play. Its a punishment for buying the most boring Sims game ever!

If you have iPhone, I tag you!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Yea I was once a gaming addict. Don't worry, I graduated from game rehab. No more a crazy gamer. Lol. Bet u didnt expect that. :laughs: Btw I'm not gonna expose what game I played. I'm afraid I will be stalked. Lol Joke!. I was quite ...err... famous? Hehe. Yea famous that some gamer dedicated a hate blog for me and some friends of mine. Lol. I didnt do anything.... : innocent: Game politics....Its just a game for god sake. They dragged real life in, so these things happen.

(I made this banner. Yay!)

I was a pirate turned navy. The whole guild turned Navy anyway. Why? Nobody wants to be Navy since we can't create own guild name. So when Guild War was introduced, there was nobody to fight with. We sacrificed our name which was 'Charmed' to turn navy. lol. Imagine every pirates against 1 functioning Navy Guild. Omg. Kept us busy for 2-3 hours per war. Can you guess what job my character was? xD Look at the staff and i think you can guess. So, i quit this game for some reasons. But the most dominant reason was because all of my other friends stopped playing. We were all students or working persons. Cant afford in terms of time, money and commitment. One by one of my friends stepped down and sooner or later I would as well. But whats funny was that I told the guild I wanted to stop playing because I'm getting married lol!!!! The guild was buzzing with all sorts of gossips haha. That was fun.

Celebrating my birthday online with my in-game bf lol. A trustable friend. I miss him. Good in and out of game. I helped him do his assignment once over the internet lol. We were still in college. He had trouble writing in English. So I helped him. He's chinese and I'm malay. Funny combination but we made a great team. =P

Owww..we were even married. lol

Some of my guildmates during our glorious times. Fun fights versus the pirates.

Girl power!

When we were still pirates. Charmed's 2nd birthday. Our guild was one of the steadiest and longest. What a memory...

My last picture with the guild.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Wishlist #1 Updated

So, last year i made a wishlist. I didn't really save enough money for all. It was too much. I bought some with my own money. Yay! I have new things I would like to have so lets see what I bought and what I didnt.

1. iPhone 3g in PINK! -
YES! Not exactly in pink lol. The phone's black with a pink leather cover. Yay~

2. Percy Jackson and the Olympians 1-5 book series. YES! Actually 1-4. Still looking for a cheap 5th book. ^.^

3. Gucci Envy Me ( I miss this perfume ) :( No. Too expensive. I use cheap perfumes lol. Like Body Shop and Victoria Secret.

4. Coastal Scents 88 Pallete. No. Glad didn't buy this. Hehe

5. A nice foundation brush or a stippling brush. - YES! Cheap foundation brush from Elianto and Stipling brush from

6. A Clarisonic -Too fricking expensive. I can buy another Iphone.

7. Twilight : The Graphic Novel Vol 1 - Somebody want to buy this for me?

8. A Threadmill. - NO. I settled for Aerobics DVDs Lol!

9. 1 teragig hardisk . -NO! I need this!

10. The Vampire Diaries Book Series. - My cousin told me the books sucks so I'm not gonna buy. I can just borrow it from her. Heh!