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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Cute Cats

OMG. Isn't this the cutest cat ever? The eyes so round. Makes me feel want to grab it and cuddle it right away. Cats are adorable and my family keep some cats. But we always end up losing them. 3 cats died in car accident. Hit and run. Sobs. The last cat was sick so it went away to die. T.T and our current cat just move out...erk yea he decided to go migrate to the market near our house. He didn't come home for a couple of weeks. What on earth LOL. I think he got scared after I took him to the vet for his vaccination. Bad cat!!! We still got old Epit. The oldest cat in the house. He's quite dangerous. Even I'm scared of him. Last time he bit me real bad that I had 2 punctured holes in my arm. I still got the scar. It was really scary. Blood was splurting out like fountain. My dad took me to the clinic to get a shot after that. I'm terrified of old Epit even now. Meow??? The cat on the bed is Epit when he's smaller and not so terrifying, in the baskett is Cik Yuk who ran away from home. Both is white and looked the same lol.

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