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Saturday, January 31, 2009

MSN Version 2009


If anyone wanted a new version of MSN 2009 u guys can download here. It has cooler skin and a better interface.

Download MSN Messenger from

And I also notice that some people are having problem connecting their Yahoo Messenger. I have no idea whats the problem. I can connect both MSN and YM fine. You can try download different version of YM at the or if it still doesn't work try the alternatives. It also can be use in the office if you're scared your boss will find out your chatting. lol. - You can login MSN, YM, AIM, Myspace at the same time! Yeap, all accounts at the same time theres no need to open so many clients for different accounts. But of course limited service. - You can choose to login any of these accounts MSN, YM, AIM, GTalk, ICQ etc at a time. Limited service also but who cares as long as you can go online.

Happy Chatting!

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