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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Cili Padi Cili Api

Anyone who lives with me knows that I LOVE to eat chillies. I don't eat all kinds of chillies. The one that I eat is Cili Padi/ Cili Api or the english term is Bird's Eye/ Thai Chili. My parents always scold me for eating too much but I just can't ressist to taste it's hotness! Usually cili padi is used in Malay and Thai cookings such as in soup, stir fry, stew or as a garnishing. There's also chili pickles and chillies in soy souce. I like everything that has to do with cili padi =D. If you think Malaysia's cili padi is blazing hot, wait till you see the Chilli Heat Index. Cili padi is rated 50,000-100,000 scoville but there are more hotter chilies then Cili Padi! I can't imagine how hot it is! I mean, even though I love to eat cili padi there are times even I can't stand the heat coz its too hot. Imagine it's 10x times hotter then cili padi. For example Naga Jolokia which originated from India is the hottest chilli in the world with 855,000-1,041,427 scoville rate. OMG... we'll be sweating and crying? lol. My favourite's cili cravings are Tom Yam, Mango Salad, Air Asam, Ikan Masak Asam, Ikan 3 Rasa and sometimes I'll chop in chillies in noodles . Hehee...yang tak sedap pun jadi sedap dengan cili padi. Eating chilies are good for health. Just dont eat too much or you'll have your intestines melted lol. And just for our info, chilli's medical benefit includes the ability to prevent heart attack by increasing heart action without raising blood pressure, thins the blood from cholestrol, detoxify colon, prevent against respiratory infections like flu & cold and had been proposed to be useful in fighting cancer.


  1. hehe i love cili padi tuh...n i luv tomyam, air asam, ngan kerabu mango tuh...yummy yum!!hehe but we should try to control our crave for cili padi...if not buasir nnt..hehe