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Thursday, February 5, 2009

A Good Girl


My name is Syazzy,
Everyday I am busy,
I love my mommy and daddy,
My best friend is Diddy,
Everyday I help my mom to cook,
In the evening,
I help my brother to read his book,
That shows,
I am good!

by Intan, Fiza, Didi, Alyaa, Ayu, Shima.


Lol doesn't it sounds cheesy? Haha. Well, this children poem is written by my groupmates for a task in our micro-teaching project. We were the participants in a teaching demo and were asked to act like year 4 pupils. erk...not easy to act like 10 years old ok! =.= we were too intelligent for a 10 years old... but anyway we had fun doing the children activities =D. It was amusing trying to make ourself to sound like 10 years old. Hee...