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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Vampire Addiction

Vampirism had always been a fascinating subject for me. Why do girls fall in love with vampires? A totally mystical and inexisting creature that feeds on blood of human. Haha. Maybe because its the fact that it doesn't exist. Writers create their own image of a perfect vampire to attract readers. Usually handsome, pale, alluring and seductive to get girls go ga-ga over them. Varieties of characteristics were invented for fiction. Vampire is now a dominant figure of horror genre in books, TV and Movies and games.

Vampirism had been mentioned in tales of many cultures and beliefs even before century such as the Mesopotamians, Hebrew, Ancient Greeks and Romans. There were also many names for vampires in different cultures.
Vampir - Serbia
Vrykolakas - Greece
Strigoi - Romania
Although there are no physical proof to the existence of vampires, there are real medical conditon to which related to vampirish behavior or appearance. Maybe it is from this, the tales of the undead starts from.

Porphyria - A rare disease characterized by irregularities in production of heme, an iron-rich pigment in blood. It causes sensitivity to sunlight, have abdomal pains and suffer from acute delirium. One of possible remedies in the past is to drink blood. Porphyria patients have reddish mouths and teeth, due to irregular production of the heme pigment.
Catalepsy - A physical condition that affects nervous system. It causes the body to freeze. The muscles stiffen, heart and respiration rate slows down. In the past, where there are no electronic medical tools to determine death, the body of the patient might be mistaken for a corpse.

True Story!

The Real Deal

Throughout history, there have been a number of living people who exhibited vampire-like behavior. The most famous historical vampire was Elizabeth Bathory, a Transylvanian noblewoman who lived from 1560 to 1614. Bathory, who was terrified of aging, became convinced that bathing in blood (and perhaps consuming it) was the secret to maintaining a youthful appearance. To this end, she tortured and killed hundreds of people, mostly young women. Eventually, she was tried for her crimes and imprisoned in a small room in her castle, where she died.

OMG! Real life vampires? And they drink blood! Ewww... if fiction is practiced in real life it's sure is too creepy and horrific. Thats why we keep it strictly fiction, and thats why people enjoy fiction. Its meant only for the imagination.

My Favourite Vampire Movies
1 ) Twilight
2) Van Hellsing
3 ) Interview With A Vampire
4) Underworld 1,2 and 3.
5) 30 Days of Night
6) Twins Effect (Hong Kong)
7) Blade 1 & 2
8) Count Drakula

By the way, if I am ever a vampire I will be known as:
Poppy Fey

Known in some parts of the world as:
Lilith of The Balkans

The Great Archives Record: An animal-like vampire who can barely speak - everything is actions with this one. It runs with the deer.
Lol! Just for fun. Try yours?


  1. OMG, i am so into Vampire.. they're cool :p

  2. and yeah.. let's them stay in fiction! haha

  3. so was dracula drinking the blood to help his own problems, or was he draining blood from those with the type of porphyria that requires such treatments? Nita/vp or

  4. Well... if fiction dracula, he drinks blood as food supplement but a porphyria patient, he drnks blood as medicine. You can read more at