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Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Hoppipolla means 'Hop in puddles' in Icelandic. It's a song, sung by an Icelandic band named Sigur Ros. It was released in their album 'Takk' (Thanks) in the year 2005. However, it wasn't until recent that I got to listen to it. It was in the official soundtrack for the movie 'Penelope' starred by Christinna Ricci and James McAvoy. It was played at the end when Penelope and Johnny were at the park with the schoolchildren. First I heard it, it thought 'Such heavenly music...'. Then came the singing, 'Hmmm...what is he saying? Is it Spanish? A bit odd for Spanish'. I know it's Icelandic. And right at this moment, I'm addicted to it.


Brosandi (Smiling)
Hendumst í hringi (Spinning round and round)
Höldumst í hendur (Holding hands )
Allur heimurinn óskýr (The whole world a blur )
nema þú stendur (But you are standing )

Rennblautur (Soaked)
Allur rennvotur (Completely drenched)
Engin gúmmístígvél (No rubber boots)
Hlaupandi inni í okkur (Running inside us)
Vill springa út úr skel (Want to erupt from a shell)

Vindurinn (The Wind)
og útilykt af hárinu þínu (An outdoor smell of your hair)
Ég anda eins fast og ég get (I breathe as hard as I can)
með nefinu mínu (with my nose)

Hoppípolla (Jump into puddles)
Í engum stígvélum (With no boots on)
Allur rennvotur -Rennblautur- (completely drenched-Soaked- )
Í engum stígvélum (With no boots on)

Og ég fæ blóðnasir (And I get a nosebleed)
En ég stend alltaf upp (but I always stand up)

Og ég fæ blóðnasir (And I get a nosebleed)
En ég stend alltaf upp
(but I always stand up)

Lyrics Courtesy of LetsSingIt

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