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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Movies That Inspire

Have you ever watched movies that really touched your heart and inspire you to do something? or at least tried to do it? I did. I've watched all kinds of movies. There were stupid movies that makes you feel stupid yourself, sad ones that soak your eyes in tears, actions that gets you shouting, but most unique of all, something that can change you and affects you deeply. Motivational. Inspirational.

Dead Poet's Society.

I don't remember exactly when I watched it. But I remember it changed my view towards school. I wasn't really studious during my high school years. I'm still not studious now. Haha. I was motivated to try harder in my study. I did try but I guess pure science isn't really what my brain is made for. I did improved a lot on Maths. I liked Maths. I just don't like Additional Maths. So what inspired me? Honestly I don't know. Maybe it's just the aftereffect adrenaline. Maybe it's the its what the boys did. They looked liked they love homeworks. So I was ashamed that I didn't like homeworks. Made me wanted to try to like homeworks. They are bright intelligent boys. But they are willing to break rules just to read poems. They would sacrifice themselves in respect of their teacher. I will always remember this movie. It meant something to me.

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