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Monday, March 2, 2009

My name?

My name is something interesting to talk about. Why? Half the people I met in my entire life can't pronounce/spell/remember it. I'v had my name pronunced like :
Sya-ja-ni - This is the worst
Sya-za-na - This i recent.
Sobsssss. my name is'nt common. Nor Syazani Izzati. There are thousands out there named Nor and Izzati. But Syazani isn't. Its not common either for a girl to be named Syazani. Thats mainly because its a...boy's name. If you google my name. Syazani that is, you'll find pages of guy's profiles. Hmm..wat else? They stole my nickname too. Syaz. OMG! lol. Luckily I stil have other nickname, Syazzy. So if you google Syazzy you'll find pages of girl's profiles. =D I've already asked my parents why they named me Syazani but I've forgotten why. Remind me to ask again. hehe.

Anyway, whats the meaning of my name? Nor is Light. Syazani is Energetic. Izzat/Izzati is Noble. Light of Energy and Noble? Hmm...need to ask my parents again. I'm not so energetic neither am I so noble. Syazzy doesn't have any meaning. It's a modern nickname which evolve out of nowhere. Lots of people have it.

So, remember to say my name correctly! Its SYA-ZZY ok! Like SHA-ZZY!


  1. you will always be my wonderful friend syazzy..

  2. hehe tq arjun. ur a wonderful fwen tooo!