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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Where Butterflies Fly

These are some pics that I snapped at Penang Butterfly Farm. It was quite warm inside the farm. Butterflies like their place warm i guess. The farm was also constantly sprayed with water vapor to keep it humid. So it was warm and humid. Haha. Its a great place for insects lovers. Butterflies flew everywhere. There were also scorpions, milipedes, snakes, iguana, tortoise, lizards and ducks. just came out of nowhere. At 3'oclock, there was a live show inside the mini auditorium. Psst...I went in for the air-conditioning. Hehe. They brought in some reptiles for visitors to hold and take pictures with. I didn't take though. I don't want to hold the huge Bearded Dragon. Scared it'll bite =P


  1. alamak suke ny tengok butterfly hihi
    lagi la y cantek2 hihi

  2. hehe. mire kan suke rainbow n butterfly.