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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Life Schedule

5.30am - *Alarm Rings* wake up & have cold shower
6.30am - Drive to school.
7.10am - Arrive at school.
7.30am - Morning Assembly.
7.40am till 1.00pm - ROAR TIME
1.00pm - Finish School.
2.00 till 3.00 pm - Arrive Home.
3.00pm- Shower.
4.00pm - Sleep like crazy.
6.00pm - Wake up.
8.00pm - Buy/ eat dinner.
9.00pm till Midnite - Write lesson plan for tomorrow's school, make teaching aids.
1.00am - Sleep like crazy.

and the circle goes on and on...

I know my sleeping pattern is not healthy but cant help it..

*Wednesday- 2.00-4.00pm Extra Co-curicular activity day. [ arrr!]


  1. salam..hi seems ur schedule is not dat crazy. ok lagi tue. alhamdulillah. sume kekawan gitu jugak rasenye. yg su duk jeles nih syazzy boleh tido kul 1 pagi. su kekadang tido kul 5 pagi. huehuehue.....nape ye?? adekah su ni lembab bnyk? hahahaha...dunno la...maybe wat keje slow...syazzy. give me strengths...hahhaa...kem slm kekawan ye. miss u all

  2. Tak masuk waktu lepak kantin minum dan gosip2? =p