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Thursday, May 28, 2009


by Yoshi

My favoritest himechan,

My most treasured friend,

My most loved princess,

U know what today is?

Its the beginning to the most fabulous and wonderful day.

We start the wonders today cuz i say so!

Its gonna be sunny,

and flowers are gonna look pretty just for u,

the skys gonna looks pretty to accent u,

the grass is gonna be greener for u,

people are gonna be fabulous to you because its you,

and best of all everythings gonna go perfect.

cuz perfect is the most fitting word to describe u.

So when u wake up today smile big =D and laugh hard

cuz I decided that today and everyday forth is gonna be the greatest for u.

cuz u the greatest.

Dear Yoshi @ Pandachan,

Thanks for always being there for me when I desperately need a friend. Wuv u! Friends forever.

Syazzy @ Himechan

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