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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Vampire Diaries

Damon, Elena, Stefan
Any hint of Edward in Stefan? Probably the hair XD

There is a new vampire in town. No! Its two new vampires in town! Edward Cullen can move aside. Just joking! Say hello to Stefan and Damon Salvatore from The Vampire Diaries. Originally a series of novels written by L.J Smith and now was turned into a 22 episode TV series. It was premiered in the US on 10th September 2009. So, I just want to talk about one of the characters. One thing that actually caught my attention to watch The Vampire Series is actually Stefan, . I think he almost looks like Edward. ALMOST. Their traits are also almost the same. Love literature. Play sports. Dark and lonely. Obssesively protective. Love a human girl dearly. Stefan wasn't as fortunate as Edward though. He doesn't has one thing Edward does. A perfect family. What Stefan has is Damon, his vampire brother who takes every opportunity to torture him. They happen to love the same human girl, Elena. Elena, who is the POV in the book is tied between the vampire brothers. The story is more to horror fantasy with varieties of fantasy elements unlike Twillight which focus on vampire, human and werewolf. The Vampire Diaries is a combination of vampire, human, witch, werewolf, spirit, ghosts, evil, monsters.


  1. have you watched tru blood?

    vampire series but i think its a later version.

  2. no havent~. where can i watch it ? heee