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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Tea Talk

I love tea! I've always prefered tea to coffee. Hot tea is very calming. Teh ais, teh tarik, teh O panas, teh cicah biskut empat segi. All I sapu. Hehe . However, this morning I had Chamomile Honey Vanilla tea. My reaction after the first sip was....... ahhh.....dizzy dizzy dizzy ...... it's frangrance was too sweetly strong. It was a dizzy experience for me to finish the one cup of tea. The chamomile was OK. The honey's OK too. It's the vanilla. I swear I'm not sipping any vanilla flavored tea again.


  1. i have never tested any tea with vanilla flavour. I'm always into the evening tea cap Boh yang my mama buat dengan 1 bungkus biskut potong kedai apek belakang rumah. Ah! sweet old memories. :)

  2. since ur in UK. u should try =x. bring home boxes of teas for ur mom~