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Friday, January 29, 2010

Blabs and Jabs: Arts

i realized too late that i liked arts and that i enjoyed doing arts. i think i would've done much better in school if i had taken arts stream. not that i did bad in school. i did very well for the basic subjects. its just the science subjects which i think i just don't have the brain for it. i got an A1 for maths which was quite surprising since i failed quite a lot during form 4. haha. honestly i think it was the tuition tutor made me got an A instead of my school math teacher. he's an amazing teacher. i totally salute him for getting me from a D to an A.

so as i was saying, i loved arts. but i had a little prob. i cant really do arts. i never learn arts except for an art class when i was 8 where i learned how to draw by copying the teacher's work and coloured it using crayons. i didn't go there for long. i forgot why. i remembered i used to cry there for no reasons and troubled the poor chinese art teacher. so... i can't draw or paint. lol. my fingers would just oddly move when i tried to draw. it made the drawings all horrifying. i know arts not just about drawing and painting. but without drawing and painting skills its not complete...

i would love to learn photoshop. please!!!!!! i really want to learn photoshop. i wish there are photoshop courses here in my place. i learned some other photo editing applications in school but photoshop is the 'thing'. so i just have to learn how to use photoshop. i did some photo editing and illustration before. some was nice some wasnt. i really like looking at art pieces and i wished i could have produced one too.


  1. gud2. nnt blh edit gamba inda! ehehe

  2. i cant even draw a straight line without a ruler. please..need