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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Homemade Sushi

I love sushi. I love anything that's Japanese. Hehe. So this is my first attempt to make sushies. Not great as Sushi King's Sushies. My sushi are disastrous. lols. I named my sushies as

1) Korean-Movie-inspired-sushi-that-turned-out-humongous Sushi
2) Not-so-bad-Tuna-Mayo Sushi
3) Out-of-shape-Crabby- Vege S
4) Crabby-Carrot-Tuna Sushi
5) Out-of-Ideas Sushi

HAHA. It's quite hard to roll the sushi since I don't have the bamboo sushi roller. I used my hand lol! And a lot of ingredients are not available so I just used whatever I feel like using xD.

The Ingredients.

1. Sushi rice also know as Calrose Rice.
2. Rice Vinegar. Make sure it has the halal cert.
3. Eggs
4. Cucumber
5. Carrots
6. Tuna
7. Crab Filament
8. Seaweed sheets for sushi

You can buy all this from most hypermarkets.

How to make the sushi.

1. Cook the rice. Follow the instruction on the rice packaging.
2. While the rice is on the pot, fry the egg.
3. Cut the carrots, cucumber and crab filament into long strips.
4. Mix tuna with tomato ketchup and mayo.
5. Take out all the cooked rice into a big bowl. Add some rice vinegar and mix well. 1 cup of cooked rice to 5-6 tablespoon of rice vinegar.
6. Take 1 sheet of sushi seaweed. Take a small amount of rice and spread it over the seaweed. make sure you leave some space at all end so that later when you roll it can stick.
7. Just put the filling inside. Anything that you want lol.
8. Roll it. Best if you have the bamboo mat.
9. Take pictures of the sushi. Post it on the blog like me.
10. EAT IT.

Korean-Movie-inspired-sushi-that-turned-out-humongous Sushi. OMG its big n ugly... The rice is too thick.

Not-so-bad-Tuna-Mayo Sushi, Out-of-shape-Crabby-Vege Sushi, Crabby-Tuna Sushi. Hey, im getting better. lols.

Out-of-Ideas Sushi. All the left over ingredients. xD


  1. saya sukaaa!!! nk cuba lah. tp cam susah je nk cr calrose rice and that rice vinegar kat kb ni. huhu

  2. oh cool... i should try this too. me lavvv sushiii... tp sushi king so mahallll~