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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Gateau de Opera

Once upon a time, there was a kid that got kidnapped. He was kidnapped for a couple of months. The kidnapper fed him nothing but sweets and cakes. He escaped from that 'sweet' torture but sort of lost his memory. He couldn't remember what happened to him except that he could never eat sweets and cakes ever again. After years and years of nightmare about sweet and cakes, he plan to find the kidnapper. So how did he plan to do that? Lure the kidnapper by opening a cake shop~ Haha~

Yea, this is the storyline of a Korean movie I watched called Antique. The movie isn't so great probably because it was a manga CHOPPED down to a movie. I meant... the interesting/explaining plots were chopped and they changed here and there which equals to a total destruction of the story. I think most manga/anime inspired movie didn't do so well...because anime and manga are so long and they chop and compress it into 1 1/2 - 2 hours movie? Of course people who doesn't read won't understand the complexity.

So, back to the movie. Although the movie is just a so-so in terms of action but the storyline's kinda cool. So the kid that got kidnapped was trying to get back at the kidnapper. He's been having nightmares every time he sleeps. It chased all the sexy women away, so, he got pissed. When he decided to open a cake shop, this is when everything gets interesting. Who do you need to make good cakes? A good patissere. He got more than just a good pattissere. He got a good GAY patissere. Whoops~ This patissere had never been more than a year in any bakery he ever work with. Why?

Read his interesting resume:

Name :
Min Sun-Woo

Demonic Charm

Employment History:
  1. Wien Bakery ( Fired because of a brawl among employees because of him)
  2. Cookie Mori Bakery ( A suicide attempt because of him)
  3. Garu Bakery ( The wife runs around with a knife because the owner cheated with him)

Yes, the characters in this movie are ALL interesting. So what happens to straight boss stuck with a gay worker?

Min Sun-woo :
It's my dream to buy a Prada shirt with a hard cold cash. So, I really want to make this work. ( His employement at Antique)

Kim Jin-hyuk :

So, lets not make this harder for ourselves. Lets just do it. It's bound to happen anyway.
: try to kiss Jin-hyuk in a teeny weeny Mini Cooper car:

:Choking and pushing: **** off and die before I barf you goddamn faggot!


Thats what I said. Dont you remember?

What? :puzzled:

I'm the only dumbass that turned you down. Class 3-1 Kim Jin-hyuk.

You're that Kim Jin-hyuk?

Yeah, the one that told you to **** off and die.

God, you look so old now.

Cut it out. You wont get anywhere with me.

Hey, thats perfect. Now there's no worry of getting fired. You'll never fall for me.

Well, the adventure didn't stop there. lol. The kidnapper did got lured by Min-woo's cakes. The victims found all had Antique Bakery's ingredient inside their stomach after the post-mortem. So which one of Antique's loyal customer is the crazy kidnapper? Watch/ read to find out. lol. This movie is a bit gay. Min-woo even got a french patissere gay bf. There's no heroines. I watched it at first coz I absolutely adore Joo Ji Hoon ( Kim Jin Hyuk). But i like the whole cakeshop concept. The cakes in there were soooooooooo amazing.

So why did i even write about this movie? :in one breath: Today I went to a donut/cake house and I saw a cake named Opera which reminded me of this movie coz they were showing how to make Gateau de Opera in it and it looked so yummy I just couldnt resist buying it but it didnt taste as nice as it looked probably because the bakery I bought it from sux?

Thanks for reading my cakes and movie blab.
Just can't resist to love these wacky guys can you? <3