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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Its not about being read...

Hey yall,

I'm feeling wonderful this particular moment. Have u ever realized words can change your feelings in a matter of seconds? Even if its just 3 words? Talking is good for the soul. Reading good words are also good for the soul. I enjoy reading. I love to read. I would have bought a book every time my salary comes out except that books here are real expensive. Even local books. I do not read much local books. I prefer certain genres like fantasy, adventures and horror. Local ones are usually romance which are very cheesy cheesy romance. : rolls eyes: But because of that I have come to notice that my Bahasa Melayu had became really bad these days. Especially in formal situations. Like two months ago I went for job confirmation interview and it was conducted in Bahasa Melayu. I spoke Bahasa Melayu so badly I was practically stuttering for words to come out. I felt really bad after that. I should read more newspapers definitely or watch the news... anyway I was watching a movie and I heard this really awesome quote that I can't resist to post here. So it said,

" is not about being read. Its about being written."

Quoted from 'Sydney White' staring Amanda Bynes. What was the story behind that quote? Well, a character who is an 'emo' type from the movie writes a blog and thats what he replied when his friend was commenting that nobody reads his blog anyway. Which reminds me of my blog. Hehe. So, don't feel bad if your blog isn't being read much! Its all about writing them!


  1. it's about writing them. true enough. ;)

  2. i think i've watched this movie because peoplepunisher is familiar to me.

    i agree with u syazzy. whenever i felt awful, i would write it down. always. it was too personal, it would be in my journal, but if i feel that i need a shoulder to cry on, i would write it in blog. then i can easily access it and read it thousands times. ehehehe

  3. Sydney White and the Seven Dorks. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. =D Ring a bell? lols

    Yah, my blog is a medium to express whatever's buried deep in me. I dont know who reads it or if its read at all but it made me feel better to know that whatever i feel is somewhere out there. xD Its about writting them yeah~~