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Monday, June 14, 2010

Long story?

Hey. Have u ever been down but u cant really tell anyone about it? U cant tell but u really need to let it out. Its making u go really mad. How to deal with this? Sigh. I dont know myself. Luckily I have this blog that I can write anything in it. But no one reads it LMAO. Facebook is a good way too. Type it in ur status. But then u hav to answer ur friend's curiousity. I'd just answer "Its a long story". Its ambiguous yea I know. It can mean either prepare urself for a really complicated story or it can also mean I'm not saying anything more so stop there. So one of my friends asked me wats up why ur sad. I cant really tell for some reason and I just replied " panjang citenye" and he said " pendekkan la" I didnt say anything afterwords. Which means I'm not gonna talk about it. So i think everyone should know if ppl dont reply after saying "its a long story", don't press on it. That person is having a hard time but its just not relevant for u to know. I feel like an erupting volcano but stopped by a stopper. Ughh. Thats what I feel when I cant talk about something I feel so deep. Thats what happen when ur a loner.

1 comment:

  1. be strong syazzy...i do have the same feelings to sumtimes....erkk..or maybe owez....neway, wahteve happens, its up to us to make our life syazzy chan...