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Saturday, August 28, 2010

A sign?

Yes I know I haven't written in ages. I call it 'emotional block'. Lols. That's because I usually write when my emotions are running high. So Syaz, whats up with the title? Hmmm. I'm in a serious dilemma. So lately I had been praying "Ya Allah ya Tuhanku, dekatkan lah aku dengan jodohku dan jauhkanlah aku dari orang yang berniat jahat terhadapku." I'm sorry but I have no idea how to translate this into English. But ever since I had been reciting that over and over daily, a special person to me suddenly went MIA. O Mighty God, is this a sign? Is this a sign that his intentions aren't what he said it was? Had my prayers been heard? Dear God, please help me. I am in need.


  1. istiqarah. moga diberi petunjuk yang nyata dan baik-baik. :)