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Friday, September 17, 2010

MPH Haul

I love my new laptop logo. The laptop's old. Just the sticker's new. =D Got it at MPH. Its actually a craft sticker and it came with a few more stickers. First time I saw it, it totally caught my eyes and I just grabbed it. Made my boring black laptop less boring. Yay~

I was looking for an interesting book to read. My fav genre had always been horror especially vampire type books. Haha. But there were SOOO many vampirish book series I don't even know which to choose. My eyes were balling out for browsing too fast. There were a deskful booth just for vampire novels. Every book looked the same. I was avoiding series novels because they will definitely cost more. I decided to browse a normal fiction shelf and this book caught my eyes. Why did it caught my eyes? 1. It's a vampirish novel. 2. The title is out of the ordinary. 3. The cover design is really red and emo-ish. 4. It looked funny . For now I'm still reading it. But so far the book is not bad. It even has cool illustrations inside. The concept is quite like The Diary of A Wimpy Kid by Jeff KInney but I haven't read that yet so I don't know how similiar it is. Really looking forward to finish the book =)

Finally, I got this small joke book. I thought it was funny, clever and stupid at the same time. I'm not a funny person and I'm bad at making jokes. So I figured this could help me somehow...or anyhow. There were 4 in the joke series but I just like this one. It's just RM12.90. Let me give sneek a peek at some of the jokes.

1. What jam can't you eat?
A traffic jam!

2. Why did the chicken join the bad?
Because it has drumsticks!

3. 'What are the three words most often used by students?' the teacher asked the class.
'I don't know' sighed a student.
'Thats correct!' said the teacher.


  1. That's a sticker on the laptop? It looks like a proper emblem.

  2. yea its a special sticker xD its called embellishment stickers. it's embossed foil with rhinestone. thats why it looked real like a proper emblem. but its really just is plastic. lol.