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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Saying Thank You

Terima kasih!
Xie xie!

I want to start off with a question. Do you say thank you after you pay at the cashier or do you wait for the cashier to say thank you first? Or do you just storm off without saying anything or waiting? This is an issue that I've been observing many people especially at shops and business outlets around my place. I can say that 80% most of the time it's me who say thank you first or the one saying it at all. Most staffs doesn't unless I am at a widely known shop/outlets where their staffs are trained. Whats with the people? Saying thanks can contribute a lot to our intra and inter personal health. When I say thank you I can see their facial expression soften and it is a good feeling when you make someone feel appreciated. Yes I know they might be stressed out from work with a long queue and everything but when they did not put on a friendly face the customers won't be happy. I also notice some didn't even have the courtesy to return a welcome or smile or at least a nod. How rude! I don't know if this is happening everywhere but it is certainly happening in my place. Maybe they are too ignorant. Saying thank you and smiling is a great way to have a good day. It heals up those evil bits in you. My advise, try to smile even though you're having the worst day of your life and watch the smile gets back at you.



  1. If someone didn’t say thank you in England they’d be arrested and hanged in the town square.

    Ok I exaggerate. :) I’d like to think manners and professionalism are important to us though.

  2. lols ur one funny lad =P Yes it is quite important to us too but unfortunately its lacking here. There are still nice people but of course the eyes will be directed to the ill behaved. Professionalism is still holding strong in cities but unfortunately not here in the suburbs =(

  3. That’s true, the bad apples always stand out and make things seem worse than they actually are. I liked what you said about passing along the positivity, because sometimes it can make all the difference in someone’s day. Watch this.

    *Huggles you*

    See? :P

  4. =D awww thats the warmest huggles evah!