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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Ip Man

Before anyone says anything, yes I know Ip Man was out 2 years ago and I am 2 years late to watch it. And not to mention I was also 5 months late to watch Ip Man 2. Hah! But late or not I am sure glad I watched it. This movie is seriously the greatest in the new generation of martial arts genre. I love every single thing about it. I love how it fuses together martial arts, human wit, a little bit of drama and history, therefore giving this film some life and reality in it.

This film is a semi biographical film about a man named Ip Man during the Japanese Invasion era in China. It does sounds boring to me at first but I forced myself to watch it. So the outcome is, here I am trying to express my admiration and awe towards it. Master Ip Man is an outstanding and respectable kung fu master who masters the Wing Chun style of martial arts. Wing Chun was invented by a woman therefore some made fun of it but he proved its not the style that matters. Many wanted to learn from him and make him their "sifu" but he declined and wanted to live a quiet life. Soon, the Japanese army came and took away the prosperity and Master Ip Man was forced to live in the streets. He began to teach the locals to defend themselves from gangsters as the justice system failed. A Japanese general, General Miura had a passion for martial arts and soon discovered Ip Man and his Wing Chun wonders. He wished Ip Man to teach him the arts of Wing Chun. Many of Ip Man's fellow martial arts friends had died in the Japanese brutal hands and so he refused to betray his country. Ip Man's family was hunted and finally he was forced to battle against General Miura publicly. I suggest you to watch this film yourself if you're interested to see Wing Chun and find out the ending.

Ip Man's as I've mentioned before is a biographical character. He is real. But of course some parts in the film was a total made up so don't believe some of it. Who exactly is Ip Man that's he is starred in a highly budgeted film ( for Asian film anyways)? Ip Man is the teacher, master, sifu of the late famous Bruce Lee. He taught Bruce Lee since 13 years old for 22 years .I am not a fan of Bruce Lee so I don't really know much about him. Lets go back to Ip Man, which is the real man. =) In this film, he is portrayed as a very reserved, polite, patient,humble and cool man. Which in my opinion man nowadays lack those qualities. And the most important quality is that he respects other people so much that he try not to downgrade or poke their fury even the man is a total savage. My dream man...and it will always stay a dream cause none exist. =( This coolness yet warm qualities earn the respect of Fo Shan's community. He never failed to keep his cool even when fighting and about to get himself beaten to death. His brain kept sharp and he maintained his focus even provoked. What a man!

Now, lets skip to the actor who played Ip Man. Honestly I have never liked Donnie Yen. I used to think he was disgustingly long haired and looked like homo looking guy in tank top. The movie was Dragon Tiger Gate. Based on Chinese Manga. Awesome fight choreography but the storyline was weak and predictable. Or in Shanghai Knight he was the villain Chinese official against Jackie Chan. Other roles weren't as impressive too. But in Ip Man his hair looked good and his facial expression was heart-melting. His costumes fits perfectly and everything about him was made suitable. So this is the first time I like him. He needs to act more characters like this. =D

This film actually reminds me of Jet Li's famous Once Upon a Time in China series. It has that feel. If you know what I mean. Action films nowadays have those great CGIs and cameras and action scenes but don't have that feel. And I think thats one of the reasons they flop into the drain so quickly no matter how good the cinematography is. I heard there won't be an Ip Man 3. I'm sad. But its good in a way. Too much of something is always bad.

Long haired Donnie . Eww.

Donnie Yen as Ip Man. Oww...heartmelts.

Ip Man with Bruce Lee


  1. What’s that kung fu movie where someone has to defeat a twenty foot tall samurai demon with dual miniguns? I want to see that.