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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Oxy10 and Nixoderm

My skin is not as fortunate as some others. I had really bad acne problem starting college. Its funny that I did not have much problem during school days. It became really bad when I was between 18-24 years old. For 6 years I was combating acne, I must have used countless products and I even took prescriptions . I took so much I didn't know what really worked. As time goes by, I think my skin just cleared on its own. I still do get spots and blemishes occasionally during that time of the month. To my relief its controllable with some help of this items that I use.

Oxy10 is actually a spot vanishing medication with 10% benzoyl peroxide. It is meant for acnes. But it doesn't work for me. Not for my acnes. I use it to treat my white/blackheads. Its cheap and it works. It clears them temporarily not forever. I put it over night and the next day its gone.I apply them on my nose areas about once or twice a week depending on the condition. Applying too often will make the skin dry so beware. For my skin once/twice is enough to maintain and if i need a bit of moisture I just apply my moisturizer after cleaning it off. So if you need something for that naughty white/blackhead on your nose, try Oxy10. If its a little bit too strong, you can try Oxy5 which contains only 5% benzoyl peroxide.

For me Nixoderm is the best thing that ever existed for my face. On the package, it says it can be used for externally caused pimples, blackhead, itching, rashes, ringworm of the skin and scalp. I only used it for my spots never tried for others...yet. In my local pharmacy, its not even placed in the facial treatment shelf but instead can be found in skin treatment shelf. The existence was unnoticeable. I was introduced to Nixoderm by a friend and there was never any advertisement about it. Not until recently I saw an ad in newspaper and I have used it way back then. I did a little of digging and found out that it originates from Nigeria and is only available in Nigeria and Asia. Other countries can buy it online. Now, this ointment does not magically erase my spots overnight. I don't think ANY product can. What it does is that it sped up the process. It dries the acne and removes the white thingy inside. If I detect an acne bump, I will immediately apply Nixoderm on the bump and the acne won't turn bad and dries quickly. However, though I praise the effectiveness beware of the sting. Only God know how much it stings and burns. And never put Nixoderm on wounded acne it will leave an ugly scar. How I know? I did it and I did get a small acne scar which I will regret for the rest of my life...Overall its a good and cheap product. I do not trust other acne treatment other than Nixoderm.


  1. This isn’t about the new genderless Japanese race at all! You promised! Sort of! Ok, hinted! Why am I talking like this?! :P

  2. If you gently apply liberal amount of Nixoderm after cleaning in affected area it will help you in solving your skin trouble. It will help in solving trouble like Eczema, pimples, Blemishes, Rash, Itching, Athlete's Foot, Smarting irritation, Ringworm, Blackheads, Psoriasis, Peeling and scaling skin due to External irritation.

  3. Does applying Nixoderm on wounded acne really can make it became scar?

  4. i won't recommend u to apply it on wounded n bleeding acnes bcoz i hv a scar from it. but u can experiment on it if u wan...

  5. Did your scar go away or is it still there?