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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Resident Evil Afterlife

I'm not going to do a movie review on this fourth Resident Evil installment. I'm not a movie expert. I just want to talk some rubbish =D. Some of the things that comes through my mind when I was watching it. When I saw the trailer it looked so fricking awesome. Resident Evil is still the zombie franchise that I love. I first played Resident Evil Nemesis when I was I think around 15 or 16. It was the first pc game I ever played. Best game of my life still. I love it.

So what do I think of Resident Evil Afterlife? Hmmm. It's quite good but I still love Resident Evil 1 the best. Through out watching it, I only managed to get zombie shocks for two times. The first one wasn't even the zombies. It was the crows. And the second one was ...I forgot. HAHA!I knew I was shocked but I didn't quite register it in my head. So whats the point of watching zombie movies if you didn't get zombie shock. Even Zombieland had me zombie electrocuted more than this.

The visual effect is so The Matrix. Too much green screen. And the bad Umbrella guy is like Keanu Reeves' evil twin. The costumes, the shades and the whole super strength thing reminds me of him. This movie reminds me not just of The matrix but of many other movies as well. I was like 'Hmm this scene seems familiar', ' Where have I seen this ninja action before?', 'Gosh, that Axe Man looked like Pyramid Head from Silent Hill'. The characters too reminds me of the Dawn of the Dead which is an awesome movie. It wasn't really so bad but I just couldn't help but be reminded. Anyway, one of the boss which is the Axe Man can't be compared to Pyramid Head of Silent Hill in terms of the creepiness. Pyramid Head is one of my fav bosses coz it scared me to death. The bloody sight, the rusty sound, the freaky music theme and the slow movement just made me want to press the escape button.

They need to develop the storyline better and hopefully RE5 will be better(if there will be any). Watch RE4 if you're into zombies and matrix like CGIs. Final word, Afterlife did not impress me as much but I do enjoy it. If you watched it let me know what you think of it.


  1. Boy, Nemesis sure was scary wasn’t it? Most video games had a strange logic that gamers just accepted, which assumed creatures find a door as impassable as a brick wall, so it was quite a shock when Resident Evil 3 had the monster burst through the doors to keep chasing you.

    Not a fan of these movies, mainly because they have as much to do with Resident Evil as The Legend of Chun Li has to do about Street Fighter, which is to say, very little.

  2. When i was 15, nemesis was the scariest monster ever. I had nightmares about it right after i played the game. Haha. True about Chun Li the movie, was a total failure lol.

  3. hoho.

    i really hate zombies. i had enough nightmares over the zombie ideas.

    even zombi kampung pisang the local movie made me had nightmare. i just can accept the idea of zombie. it made me inescapable.. ehehe