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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

An Iphone Belated Birthday

Yay! I got myself an Iphone 4 for my birthday. My parents donated some into my Iphone fund as a birthday present so I was able to get one. Haha...My birthday was a month ago but I only got the iphone last week. Why? Because Malaysia was out of stock for Iphones 4! ???! Haha. I had to wait 3 weeks for my phone to arrive. I really love my Iphone. Theres just a few things I find hard to work with. Its quite hard to use single handedly. My left hand holds the phone and my right fingers tap the screen. So if I'm unable to use both hands than it will be difficult to use Iphone. The keyboard is quite small, I'm always mistyping. Its quite annoying. The touch screen is also too sensitive. It picked up every movement of the screen. I have to be careful around the screen so I don't accidentally press something. I also don't like the 'slide to unlock ' feature. Its troublesome if the alarm rings in the morning and I'm still groggy to slide anything. Its the same with receiving calls, 'slide to receive incoming call'. I don't find it friendly to slide, tapping is better. So far the reception point problem that everyone was fussing about haven't affected me yet. Maybe thats because I bought the bumper... The 3G connection speed is not bad. Not fast but not bad either. Thats at my hometown. If I'm using 3G connection at my workplace, yes its slow. But thats the Telco's problem. So far, I love my Iphone but these little things could improve better. =) And, if ur using any iphones, share with me any cool apps ur using. =) I love apps!

By the way, I read a hilarious article below about how to overcome the Iphone reception problem. Check it out if u want to get an iphone or if u have one. LOLS.


  1. The keys are small on most phones, apparently the manufactures think the majority of their customers are either children or Christmas elves.