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Thursday, December 30, 2010


Hehe. Thats currently the word I used the most in my SMS ( text messages) and in my chat logs. Out of 10 sms, I probably have it in 8. You could say I laughed a lot. Not just in SMS and chats but in real life too. Giggle is more like it. I can't help it. I giggled alot. I'm a giggler!!! Some might be annoyed, I don't know anyone yet who disliked me Hehe-ing. But I think some Hehe-ing would add some life in the conversations. And I also think giggling is an act of friendliness. You tend to be more comfortable and casual. If I don't Hehe, there a huge possibilities that I'm not in a good mood. If I'm annoyed I can be really MEAN! Few of my friends were shocked to see this ugly side of me. I was always hehe-ing that it wasn't an expected behaviour. So, u shouldn't dislike me Hehe-ing . You should be grateful! =D


  1. I do that too, and sometimes 'teehee' if I'm feeling particuarly cheeky. XD Saying 'lol' is so clumsy and bleh.

  2. teehee is cute! i havent heard anyone 'teehee'ed yet . hehe.