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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Earliest Memory

One of the earliest memory that I remembered was my father bringing me to buy flowers for my mother who just given birth to my youngest sister. I was 4 years old that time. I remembered it very blurry but I knew that my father was holding my hands and we bought carnations if I'm not mistaken. Later my father showed me my baby sister from outside the newborn nursery room but I was confused since there were so many babies in there. Haha. I believed most of our memories from our childhood were exaggerated in some ways. We were small so we remembered everything else to be bigger/longer/higher. Like one of my memory of a journey in a car, I remembered this visual of a very steep road thats going up a hill. It was so high that it felt almost like a dream. A few years back I went through that road again, it was steep but it wasn't as exaggerated as my memory was. Some of my memories fooled me too. I felt as if it happened to me but in fact the scene I remembered was only from a photograph I saw. Thats quite weird. Especially for photographs that I felt strongly about. You can't truly trust your memories. Whats your first memory?

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