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Sunday, April 24, 2011

How Not To Annoy Your Roommates

Once upon a time, the study that i love so much.

When I was driving home from work some time ago, it just popped in my head to write about this, thinking about the fun times with friends. I've experienced 6 years of having roommates/house-mates during my university/ college life. During my first year of going away from home and sharing a room with strangers, it was the most challenging. Mentally and emotionally challenging. I survived 6 years with patience, compromise and more patience. Haha, my roommates aren't bad, but of course as normal people we have flaws , we can't please everyone and we don't realize we have certain habits that displease someone else. I love all my roommates. If any of my ex-roommates happened to read this just to let you know that; We had been such great friends and if there happened to be any chance for us to be living together again, I would. These are just some advises I feel important for you ppl out there not to make a foe out of a potential friend. Not all this happened to me, some happened to my close friends and some just by watching other people's roommates.

Shut that clock!
Ugh! I really can't stand it when the alarm clock rang for the 10th time and the roommate still hasn't woke up. Made me want to smash that clock. So guys, if you know you sleep like logs don't even bother to set the alarm because it will be a waste to the batteries' life. Poor people who have a tendency to woke up at the very first ring of the alarm will curse you forever.

I share my things with my roommates all the time. I do not have a problem in this department. If you wanted to use the roommate's things, ask them first or at least tell them afterwards that you used. And if they gave you that lifetime nod 'Hey you can use anytime you want' then you're good to go.

Mute your phone please!
I happened to be a person who can't stand noises. I don't mind if the phone rang loudly but what bothers me is when the phone rang loudly for the 100th missed call while I'm sleeping. That would have strained my veins a lot. I'm thankful I did not went nuts and rammed a stake through the phone.

Lights off!
Some people have sensitive eyes. You should be aware of that. If you like to study or do your stuff at midnight, I suggest you go out and buy night eye shades for your roommates so they won't have the urge to murder you.

If u live with somebody, im sure that somebody soon will find out some of ur habits. You will find out some of their habits too. I think its important that we keep those stuff wrapped in that wall we live in. We should protect each other. Not spill. Thats the worst mates u could ever have. I believe if u keep others secret they will keep ur secrets too.

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1 comment:

  1. Good advice ^^ My brother’s going to visit a friend in American soon, and I can’t imagine how the American is gonna’ put up with his habits! He won’t even do the basic stuff, like changing his bed.