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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Skin Clear for Acne Sufferers

Anyone suffering from really bad acne or pimples and would like try other options besides antibiotics can give KORDEL's Skin Clear a shot. It is a traditonal preparation that use several herbs to cleanse the blood therefore healing acnes from inside.

I have taken antibiotics b4 for a few years and it gave me a lot of other pain and sufferings. From taking antibiotics I had suffered from 2 diff case of fungal infections on my fingernail and on my body skin. At first, I didnt know why i've been having these infections, in fact i didnt know they are fungal infection at all. I blame all the doctors i went to see bcause they nver explained the side effects of taking all these antibiotics nor did they try to find out the reason why i've been having a severe acne condition.(Later i found out on my own) What they did was listen my my ramblings and immediately prescribe medication. A particular doctor (who I despise till now) even told me that my fingernail is so severe that it will take a very long time to heal. (Wth?) Typical malaysian doctors. What the hell did they learn in med school?!

Not giving up, my mother took me to a pharmacist instead and he recommended this herbal supplement. At first, I didnt have any high hopes and it took me quite awhile to realize that my acne had actually began clear. It wasnt an obvious change. I took this supplement only 1 per day. The bottle prescibed 3 pills per day, i guess thats why it took long to give an effect. I dont have those ugly white pus anymore, only those small pimples. I took me around 3 months to clear my acne. My pimples still come and go esp during menstruation but its not threatening. I am gratefull. I love this supplement so much. It saved my life. And it doesnt cause fungus. I am still taking this supplement and so far i have not suffer from anything weird.

If you dont believe me U can ask my friends. They know how I suffered from acne. I am not writting this to promote Kordel or whatever. I am writing this to help and share something that can help acne sufferers to live a normal life and not ashamed to show their face outside. I knew how that felt like.

This supplement contains these herbs that help to cleanse our blood and treat acnes:

Burdock - acts as a blood purifier to clear impurities in the bloodstream

Sarsaparilla - has anti-inflammatory effects

Echinacea - supports a healthy immune system

Marigold - has antiseptic properties, wound healing and anti-inflammatory effects

Celandine - has been used traditionally to treat skin diseases

Red clover - acts as a blood purifier to clear impurities in the bloodstream

This product is available at The Guardians and i think most pharmacys. If you cant find Skin clear, I suggest 21st Century's Herbs for Skin. I read the ingredients and they are almost the same and I've tried a bottle. But I still preffer Kordel's.

*Im sorry if i offended any doctor or docs-to-be. I hope u can learn from my experience. Cheers~

Kordel Page ( they change the name skin clear to herbal acne, but they r still selling skin clear at guardians)

21st Century Herbs for Skin


  1. I have only one thing to say - Eww, fungus!

  2. Thanks for the sharing. currently my acne gone wild and I just started using this supplement. you gave me hope :D

    Is it still recommendable? The effect to take place seems taking so long. 3 months rite.

  3. If u eat as prescribed ( 3 times per day) i believe it would be faster. After your acne cleared I recommend you still eat it. Just decrease the dose maybe once or twice a day. Dont stop because in my case my acne is caused internally. i still take skin clear even though i've been taking it for 3 years.

  4. i just bought myself kordel skin clear at guardian.i think this might be the last option for me.Hopefully it's gonna work.Anyhow, feel relieved when i read your review.Thanks for sharing!

  5. I have suffered from oily and pimple-prone skin since my teenage year till now (I'm way passed the teenage year). Various "anti-acne" facial cleansers were not effective to clear the stubborn pimples; in fact, they made my skin dry after cleansing and oilier later (as the sebaceous gland compensates for the dry skin by excreting more oil). Almost hopeless, I tried this product when I was in Singapore. I just took 1 pill per day before I slept at night. And when I woke up next day my pimples started to dry up and shrunk! My skin is also less oily than ever! (I used to always wake up in the morning with face covered in an oily film). It worked like miracle and the best thing is, it's 100% herbal. Too bad I can't find this product now I'm in Malaysia. The Kordel's equivalent KORDEL'S SKIN CLEAR that is available in Malaysia is not as effective as the KORDEL'S HERBAL ANTI ACNE :(


  6. hi, i have tried this supplement for about 2 weeks but my pimples bcme worst :( advise, pls!

  7. i bought this product at watson and this KORDEL'S SKIN CLEAR is still there, mean the name is not change. so do at guardian . :)

  8. Doesn't it also detox the liver?

  9. When someone writes an piece of writing he/she keeps the idea of a user in his/her mind that how a user can be aware of it.
    Therefore that's why this piece of writing is outstdanding.


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  10. can i take about 3 pills per day ?

  11. I agree. I have been taking kordel skin clear for years and it has certaily helped me a lot.