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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I Miss Love Letters

Love letters...

...or in my case Love Emails.

I miss them. I don't get any now. We talked through SMS, phonecalls. Thats just it. There's not much romance to it. Because you messaged me every second. Sometimes, love need time and space. Technology ruins romance. Just as Wong Fu Production said it. I miss the moment when it needs waiting to read the message. Waiting, makes me miss you. Missing you makes me love you even deeper. I miss the moment I miss you. I don't get to miss you anymore.

Love messages is like chocolate. If you have too much, it will make you feel sick. If u send too much love messages, u will ran out of ideas shortly. But not getting any is a concern too. I need sparkles in my relationship . Everything seemed like a routine. Its not exciting anymore. Even saying I Wuv U now feels like a routine. I don't feel anything strong saying it.

:long sigh:

Having love hurts.
Not having love hurts.
Which one would you defend?


  1. Oh I agree, blurting out the first thing on your mind in an instant chat convo is about as romantic as a wet sack of compost. E-mails are better, although hand-written letters are still king.

  2. true! i've nvr got a hand written love letters ever. sobbbsss!

  3. I know a girl who has one, she keeps it in a draw and reads it on occassion. Probably smells it too. Sicko. XD