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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Perhentian Island Adventure

At Pulau Rawa Beach

Underwater Fish Feeding

Being underwater is an amazing experience. I love the feeling of being in it although I do not swim very well. I really envy the boy in this video. He's a young guide. Probably of 16 or 17 years old. He's actually helping our snorkeling guide man with our 2 days snorkeling package. He helped us spot the shark at the shark point and show us the turtle spot. We were quite lucky. We saw dolphins which is quite a rare sight these days even in this island. We were on the boat on our way to Pulau Rawa and we saw them swimming along the way and hopping in the water. We didn't dare to jump in because it was in the middle of the sea. Lols! I like the sea but I don't like being in the middle of it. I watched too much National Geographic's Sea Monsters. Lol.

The children born in the island of Perhentian is gifted with water and navigation. They can swim, dive, navigate the boat and guide tourists to their destination. They learn about the sea inhabitants and know the fishes and the marine creatures well. Most guides are locals. Some assistants are local youths and they got excited seeing ladies in bikinies. Haha! Note that Malaysia is an Islamic country. Those ladies are of course tourist from other countries although there are some I found that are Malays trying to act foreign.

We stayed there for 4 days 3 nights at Cozy Chalet. It was a nice place apart from the climbing part. Lol! It was up on the hill and took quite a climb to reach especially if u have kilos of backpack lol! The food at Cozy Cafe is complimentary. Good food although a bit pricy. A plate of Nasi Goreng is RM10.00....but it's delicious. I would suggest to bring lots of our own food like bread and spreads, munchies, crisps whatever coz I felt really really hungry after snorkeling and I wouldn't wanna go throw RM10.00 just for a plate.

I'd love to go there again. I want to swim more. I want to see more corals and fishes. Its so spectacular and so peaceful. Its like stress doesn't exist when I'm swimming. Its the best vacation ever. So, I better save $$$ to go there again. Hehe.

Pulau Perhentian Travel Packages

Ps: I will update with more vids later.


  1. Yeah I wouldn’t be so keen to jump in either, you never know when that giant monster living in the deep oceans decides to pay the surface a visit!

    Sounds like you had a whale of a time. :P

  2. Awesome awesome awesome, best best best..

    The fishes didn't got scared away O.O
    Did you take photo of hopping dolphin? :)

  3. I did had a whale of a time. Just didnt spot any whale yet. lol!

    Tq marni! I took some photos but they were no good. Didint really show. But i took a vid. I'll upload later . xD

  4. hahaha... ok, i'll come later for the dolphin video then.. (^_^)v