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Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Yea I was once a gaming addict. Don't worry, I graduated from game rehab. No more a crazy gamer. Lol. Bet u didnt expect that. :laughs: Btw I'm not gonna expose what game I played. I'm afraid I will be stalked. Lol Joke!. I was quite ...err... famous? Hehe. Yea famous that some gamer dedicated a hate blog for me and some friends of mine. Lol. I didnt do anything.... : innocent: Game politics....Its just a game for god sake. They dragged real life in, so these things happen.

(I made this banner. Yay!)

I was a pirate turned navy. The whole guild turned Navy anyway. Why? Nobody wants to be Navy since we can't create own guild name. So when Guild War was introduced, there was nobody to fight with. We sacrificed our name which was 'Charmed' to turn navy. lol. Imagine every pirates against 1 functioning Navy Guild. Omg. Kept us busy for 2-3 hours per war. Can you guess what job my character was? xD Look at the staff and i think you can guess. So, i quit this game for some reasons. But the most dominant reason was because all of my other friends stopped playing. We were all students or working persons. Cant afford in terms of time, money and commitment. One by one of my friends stepped down and sooner or later I would as well. But whats funny was that I told the guild I wanted to stop playing because I'm getting married lol!!!! The guild was buzzing with all sorts of gossips haha. That was fun.

Celebrating my birthday online with my in-game bf lol. A trustable friend. I miss him. Good in and out of game. I helped him do his assignment once over the internet lol. We were still in college. He had trouble writing in English. So I helped him. He's chinese and I'm malay. Funny combination but we made a great team. =P

Owww..we were even married. lol

Some of my guildmates during our glorious times. Fun fights versus the pirates.

Girl power!

When we were still pirates. Charmed's 2nd birthday. Our guild was one of the steadiest and longest. What a memory...

My last picture with the guild.


  1. I have over two hundred games, and every time I say that I get a massive boner.

  2. I'm still a game although far from what I once was

  3. I take gaming quite seriously. Thats why I cant play it lol.