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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Iphone Tag

So, this is a tag. This tag is about the most used apps in your iphone. Here, I list 10 of my top used app. It is very boring trust me. I am boring!!! Btw this list excludes iPod, calculator, clock and all those built in functions. All these Apps are free except for The Sims.

1. Merriam Webster Dictionary
The most meaningful use of iPhone is that I don't have to invest in a talking dictionary because i can get it for free. No need Besta or smart dictionary whatsoever. Synonyms, antonyms, thesaurus, word origin, pronunciation in British and American all within the grasp of my hand. I'm a teacher. I can't have all these stored in my head. Iphone is a good place to keep it. =D

2. iTranslate
I cant live without this BM-BI, BI-BM translator. Save my life quite a few times. Sometimes i forgot the word translation and its so handy to carry an Iphone around. So far, this is the only reliable free App of English-Malay dictionary. Others are either paid versions or badly reviewed. Btw this app is like Google translater. It has a massive list of other languages. It can be used to translate other languages as well. So, thats a bonus.

3. SMS Fast
This app is a text messaging system with a list of template messages. Its useful if you driving n texting. I pre-type messages that I would be likely to send or reply to when I'm driving and save it in the templates. So when i got a text when I'm driving I dun have to type to inform i'm driving or i'm reaching. I just tap on the app, select a msg and send it. Iphone's touchpad is the most unfriendly to my fingers of all the phone I've ever used. Its ridiculous! I cant single handedly type messages. I'm sorry but my thumb is not that long to reach the furthest side of the phone... Iphone is wide, ok!

4. Safari
A web browser. Its my encyclopedia. Information is at the tip of my fingers. If suddenly I need a nursery rhyme, its there. Lol.

5. Facebook
I'm not FB addict. Its just a good place to let out my feelings. You know, if I'm happy I'll be like 'Yay! Happy happy day!' or if I'm pissed I'll be like ' #@&$@#$(#**&# you!!!'. Yeah, good therapy. I just don't mention names. I don't need comments or being consoled. I just need to express whatever i feel i need to. Then I'll be fine. =D

6. Echofon (Twitter App)
This is my entertainment. Follow celebrities and stalk their life. lol. I don't even have many friends. I read when I'm bored, when I have nothing to do. I can live without it though.

My online library. Not bad for amateur or aspiring writers. Variety of genres and thousands of titles. Good for me since I cant spend much for real books anyway. Fricking expensive. I must say reading has become quite an expensive hobby. In Malaysia anyway...

8. CineApps
Checks local cinema schedule. Why is this even on my list? I'm not a regular at the cinemas. This shows how boring my daily iPhone activity is.

9. VehiCal
Counts my total price of car fuel assumption. (-.-)

10. The Sims 3 World Adventures
Iphone different. Its a waste of money...but since I purchased it...I had to play...I forced myself to play. Its a punishment for buying the most boring Sims game ever!

If you have iPhone, I tag you!


  1. i love this tag! i may do it :) xx