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Monday, July 4, 2011

OMG I was a nerd

Here's the proof.

I wrote down all the words I didn't understand when I was reading Harry Potter books. I believe this is from Prisoner of Azkaban. Lol. I think I was 17. I was having that 6 months of teenage freedom gap before I went for college. I remembered I had a pen and a paper with me whenever I started reading Harry Potter. I remembered finding the word meaning as well. Manually! In the dictionary! Crazy. Lol. There were hundreds of words. I've no idea where the word meanings are now. But honestly now, there are still unfamiliar words in there. :grin: I was quite the Harry Potter fanatic. I used to read everyday. Its like my Harry Potter newspaper. I started to lose interest in Harry Potter movies because of 4th movie and up. I hate it when they cut and chop plots. But now since I haven't reread the books I dun quite remember the original plot so it will be a good time to watch the final movie this July. Hope it wont be too disappointing. :wink:


  1. it's ok ive managed to remain a potterhead!! but lord is that a lot of words I'm pretty sure i read that book in 4th grade and i didn't have that many lol. IDK if that qualifies as your being a nerd, I have a friend that just started reading the second book and she comes in every day with postit notes full of questions and words she doesn't get

  2. i was in a stage where i dun have google translator in my iphone. lols.