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Monday, July 4, 2011

Wishlist #1 Updated

So, last year i made a wishlist. I didn't really save enough money for all. It was too much. I bought some with my own money. Yay! I have new things I would like to have so lets see what I bought and what I didnt.

1. iPhone 3g in PINK! -
YES! Not exactly in pink lol. The phone's black with a pink leather cover. Yay~

2. Percy Jackson and the Olympians 1-5 book series. YES! Actually 1-4. Still looking for a cheap 5th book. ^.^

3. Gucci Envy Me ( I miss this perfume ) :( No. Too expensive. I use cheap perfumes lol. Like Body Shop and Victoria Secret.

4. Coastal Scents 88 Pallete. No. Glad didn't buy this. Hehe

5. A nice foundation brush or a stippling brush. - YES! Cheap foundation brush from Elianto and Stipling brush from

6. A Clarisonic -Too fricking expensive. I can buy another Iphone.

7. Twilight : The Graphic Novel Vol 1 - Somebody want to buy this for me?

8. A Threadmill. - NO. I settled for Aerobics DVDs Lol!

9. 1 teragig hardisk . -NO! I need this!

10. The Vampire Diaries Book Series. - My cousin told me the books sucks so I'm not gonna buy. I can just borrow it from her. Heh!


  1. I wouldn't even buy my own mother a Twilight book when she asked for Christmas, what chance do you have?

  2. lol. pls! sobsssssssss! I need an animated mangafied version of edward!