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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Wishlist #2

Applied on face to control oil.
Here are the things that lust told me to have. Lol. I probably wont need half of these. But what the hell. I'm just being a girl. :hearts:

1. Ipad 2 ( I have no reason to desire this ;P)

2. House of Night Series . (So what? I'm a bookworm lol. Btw I've heard great reviews about it. Might be the next Vampire Diaries? )

3. A PC. ( My lappy's falling apart. Used this baby too much...)

4. A new gold bracelet. (My current bracelet is washed out....I sweat too much...eeeek)

5. New watch. ( pls don't buy leather straps ones coz they nvr last me more than a year...)
Kindle 3 . RM999 in Malaysia :gulp:
6. More books! ( To fill in my shelf hehe)

7. Skindinavia No More Shine. (My face is an oil factory. Lol)

8. Kindle ( Amazon Ebook gadget but the ebooks have to be purchased from So it's still expensive)

9. A  M.A.C product. ( I'm scared to go inside M.A.C store because the salesgirls all looked like stuck ups. You know stuck ups and their laser look. Lol!)

10. A premium account to download movies ( Harhar! I'm a movie freak.)

House of Nights Series

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